Our website is dedicated to squirrels in the United Kingdom, and offers general information and advice on how to care for sick or injured animals.

Please take the trouble to read the advice on this website before getting in touch.

Most questions can be answered by looking at this website.

We are not a big organisation like the RSPCA with full-time staff
and plenty of funding. We are just two people who do what we can
to help in between going to work and looking after a family.

We get absolutely inundated and we can't cope!

Our aim is to build up a network, so that we can help to find homes for squirrels in distress all over the UK. We hope to hear from anyone with the experience, time and facilities to look after the occasional squirrel. Please get in touch as we would like to add you to our list of carers. Confidentiality is highly respected.

The Squirrels in Distress section of this site has been written to offer advice on caring for a squirrel in the short-term only. The needs of wild animals are complex and much different from those of domestic pets. Please contact us about finding a home for your squirrel.

We aren’t experts, but our advice is based on experience. This site is devoted to the exchange of information, so as well as trying to answer questions and offering help, we would also like to hear from anyone with relevant experiences to share.

We can't continue without your kindness.

Secure donations can be made here.

Thank you!

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